The Party

ImageFor Rose’s first birthday party, we went with a peppermint theme. We thought this would be good because we already had our Christmas decor out, and it went along with that..also because I saw so many cute peppermint ideas on Pinterest and couldn’t resist. A lot of our friends were traveling for the holidays and weren’t able to make it, but all of our families were there and it was great. The food was excellent, she got tons of cute gifts, and she wasn’t too overwhelmed (I was worried she would be). She did refuse to eat the delicious cupcakes that I made for her, but still, it was a success!


My brother brought her a rose, and I’m pretty sure it was her favorite gift. She played with it for so long, and of course, tried to eat it. His girlfriend got some adorable pictures of them playing with it before it was destroyed though…how cute is that?!



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