Johnson update

We have had such a nice last couple of weeks. Lindsay Hoefer came to visit and we had so much fun shopping, eating, and talking. Lots of talking.





Hoefer bought Ross one of his favorite books, Pat the Bunny


We’ve seen better days.



When I was pregnant with Ross, Jeff bought the most adorable ornament for me. I insist that I get a new one every year. They are too heavy to hang on our very special Christmas tree, which will not hold ornaments because the branches are too fragile, that I will post about later.


Newest picture of the baby. I hope it gets some hair and chubby cheeks. This baby moves so much. Way more than Ross. I’m getting nervous.



4 responses to “Johnson update

  1. I agree with Meredith and Cassie – can’t wait to hear about your tree and I hope/think it’s a girl!!! (My mom said I was way more active than both my brothers.) Fingers crossed ;) Love you!

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