Feerer Family Update

Again, I wasn’t able to post a family update last week. Who has time to blog on Black Friday? Not me. The past couple of weeks have been really fun though. I love this time of year. ImageWe celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families. It was Rose’s first Thanksgiving…she liked it. She ate peas, pumpkin, carrots, and a roll. I was actually surprised at how much she ate. I guess she understood that it’s a holiday dedicated to eating as much as you can. She’s a smartie.

ImageWe also decorated for Christmas. So far, Rose isn’t interested in the tree at all. She helped hang a few ornaments, but other than that she hasn’t touched it at all. I was so worried that we’d have to go without a tree this year because she’d be pulling it and it would fall on her (I’m dramatic, I know). You have no idea how sad I would be without a tree, so I think this is awesome.

ImageEven though I hate it with all of my heart, we’re trying to take advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve been having here in west Texas. Eating in the back yard is one of Rose’s favorite ways to embrace the heat.

ImageImageRose also turned one. I know, it’s crazy. We had a party on Saturday and then she had her one year check-up on Wednesday. The top photo is her doing her very best fake cry…notice there are no tears, and I assure you the sound coming from her mouth was not a real cry. She still looks pretty sad though. All is well with her. She only gained one pound (not surprising since she is constantly moving) and didn’t grow any inches at all. The shots were awful, but the rest of the visit was good.

Rose also took her first steps a few days before she turned one. I have a video, but it is apparently too long to post…don’t worry, I’ll edit it and post it asap. I will warn you though, my voice is annoyingly high-pitched and squeaky when I’m excited.


2 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Rose’s fake cry is my absolute fav. Davis is the same height as her and weighs more. And we are totally getting cheated on this weather!

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