Omaha for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

We went to Omaha for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My little brother, Chip, was home for a short two weeks in-between his move from Korea to Hawaii. He just completed his first full year of service in the AirForce.  So, this was the first time he met Sinclair. She loved him, of course. She especially loved his mustache.

The flight to Omaha was not great, but not terrible. We planned it out perfectly that Sinclair would eat and nap as soon as the plane took off…..but our flight was delayed. So, Sinclair fell asleep waiting to load and then was awake and crazy for most of the flight:)

She did finally fall asleep for about 3o minutes at which point I realized I am in denial that her shirts are getting too small. How is she growing so fast??

Sinclair had a great first Thanksgiving. She played with her cousins, watched everyone eat too much, and enjoyed the huge pile of leaves my dad had been saving for us!

Since my brother will be in Hawaii for Christmas (darn) we went ahead and hit two holiday birds with one stone. About the time the Thanksgiving food coma had worn off, my mom had put up the Christmas tree.  We had a great time watching the kiddos open presents. West was kind enough to help Sinclair open all of hers. He is a sweetie pants.

The rest of the trip consisted of hanging out, sitting around, eating, and shopping. Sinclair loved getting to hang out with Grammy, Papa, Chip and lots of family in town!! She even experienced her first snow flakes while we were there:)

Tyler had to get back to work, so he left a few days earlier than us. This meant that Sinclair and I had to fly home alone. I was really nervous about this, but she did awesome!! She played the whole time and only licked the germ infested seat about five times. She was just the sweetest little travel companion. Oh, I love her so.


3 responses to “Omaha for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

  1. That picture of all three kids is so cute! Also, I’m really impressed that you flew alone with Sinclair. That seems so hard to me.

  2. Is it annoying if I comment on her cheeks and lips on every single blog? I love them so much. I’m glad she got to open presents in a place that looks and feels like Christmas!!

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