One Year Old.

ImageRose turned one yesterday. Of course, it was just a normal day to her, but to us it was so special. Ryan stayed home from work to spend some quality time with her, and we tried to do lots of stuff that she would enjoy. We sang Happy Birthday to her as many times as we could…she loved that. I let her eat strawberries for the first time and she is definitely a fan. Cheerios were on the menu for every meal, because she likes them more than any other food at the moment. Ryan and I got her a swing for the back yard, so a lot of time was spent out there, which means there was SO MUCH LAUGHING!! She was even allowed to play with my phone for a few minutes. After dinner we let her have a second try with a cupcake (the first didn’t go so well…I’ll post about that next week), and it was another failure. I am glad she doesn’t like them, but I secretly wanted to see her little eyes light up when she tasted sugar for the first time. I know eventually she’ll love sweets, but for now her preferences are fruits and cheerios (yay!!).

At the end of the day, I held her for an extra long time and kissed her chubby baby cheeks more than usual before laying her in her crib. I didn’t cry once, which is really, really surprising.


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