The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Well, folks- you’ll be glad to hear that I have finally finished all six chapters of the amazing TV show, Greek!!! I now have time to blog again.

Judge me if you want. I started randomly watching this show a few months ago and it quickly sucked me in. I was dying to find out if Cappie and Casey ended up together, so every single time Sinclair napped, I watched. The show is actually amazing, and I really encourage you to watch it. Although poor triphi wasn’t a true recognized sorority, this show did bring back a lot of memories of the good ole triphi college days. I also love the character, Dale Kettlewell, a over zealous Christian. I’m kicking myself for not keeping a log of all of his hilarious quotes. Look at that face. Hahahahaha.

Ok, I’ll stop talking about Greek now. Wait, one more thing- I’m really sad it’s over. Anyone have any other Netflix suggestions for me?  Sinclair has been really growing and changing these past few weeks. She’s currently cutting her first TWO teeth. It’s miserable. Poor girl. I should have know these teeth were coming.  For one, she started drooling a ton again. While she was drooling everywhere, she also always had her finger in her mouth.

Another clue should have been that her cheeks got extra rosy and chapped.

She’s pretty fussy at night and is having a rough time sleeping, but during the day- she is all smiles for the most part! What a trooper.

Sinclair’s hair is getting thicker so we have been combing her hair after her bath. Then, she likes to eat her comb.

She has also really been trying to fly away these days. She really gets to flapping her arms when she excited or if you tell her ‘hi’ or ‘bye’. She’s so funny.


7 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. I love Greek. I’m so glad you loved it too. I just started Hart of Dixie, and it’s pretty good.

    Sinclair is hilarious with her little flapping arms!! Can you guys please come here soon?? Please?????

  2. Sinclair is so stinking cute. I mean seriously. I love her!!! also, recently in certain pictures of her, I think to myself, I bet that’s what our dad looked like as a baby. Do you ever think she looks like her Papa?

  3. Those cheeks. So cute. I can’t believe she’s getting teeth. What is Heart of Dixie about ? Now I want to watch Greek. Is it anything like Dawson’s?

    • HOD is about a hot fancy doctor girl having to go practice in a small hick town- kind of like when you had to move your teaching practice to Searcy. Greek is not like DC….they’re not as serious and emotional. And, the clothes are a little better on Greek. Watch it!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA I’m cracking up at those flapping arms. Cutest thing ever. I’m super sad our babies are going to get teeth.

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