Johnson update

In this blog post, I will discuss our Halloween, trip to Texas, Ross turning 20 months old, and visit from my sweet parents.

Ross turned 20 months old on October 28. To celebrate, Ross completely stopped nursing and instead had his first ever donut. This was way less of an ordeal than I thought it would be. It was really simple and smooth and I’m not even sentimental about it. He is such a sweet boy. He loves Jeff more than me and I’m trying to not get bitter. He cut some teeth and now has 11. He weighs almost 29 lbs.


Jeff had to go out of town the week of Halloween, so Ross and I traveled to Dallas. We stayed with Jennifer and Lindsey Weems the first night. They are sisters. And very hospitable.


While Jen and Lindsey were passing out candy, Mandi and I took Ross trick or treating.




I feel as if my shirt needs an explanation. It is very soft and long and comfy. I know that I do not represent crossfit well…especially Dallas crossfit.

We then met Han and Mere and their families and did a second round of trick or treating. One house even gave us a full size twix…not fun size. I wish I had a picture to prove it.

We spent the rest of our time with the Biggs family and had so much fun.




Hopefully one day soon, Hannah will write about West’s love for being a police officer and writing tickets.

At the dfw airport, Ross and I saw a famous football player. We knew that he was famous because people were asking for his autograph and he was a giant of a man. We were standing right behind him in line and I tried really hard to make small talk with him so that eventually he would let me take his picture with Ross. Unfortunately, this is the best I got.


My parents came to Denver and as usual were a huge help. We unpacked boxes, cleaned out the garage, and organized. Our home is somewhat functional! Yay!

My parents discovered words with friends and when they weren’t cleaning, playing with Ross, or cooking, this is what they were doing…what’s the world coming to.


Jeff, Ross, and my dad got dallas cowboy tattoos.




Bless his heart…he’s really going to get mad about these.



I’m 21 weeks preg. Feeling good. Sometimes apathetic…but not during election season. This pregnancy is so different than when I was pregnant with Ross. This poor baby doesn’t even get a belly book or weekly pictures. I think it’s a girl…but we are trying not to find out. I think I felt him/her kick…but not sure. Ross called my stomach a ball the other day.

6 responses to “Johnson update

  1. Ross in his Halloween costume = adorable! I love all of these pictures, especially the Dallas Cowboy tattoo picture with all of your men. And don’t feel bad about Ross loving Jeff more right now; we went through a very similar stage. Collin only wanted his Daddy to put him to bed every night for several months. Only his Daddy could do certain things, and not Mommy :( But now we’re back to normal!

  2. Yay!!! You blogged!!! Those pics of Ross with his pants up high like Steve Urkel are amazing. It was so fun seeing you. Please come once a month.

  3. Ross is so so so cute with his pants pulled up high. And he is also an adorable little cowboy. I love reading your posts, Landra. They are so funny!!

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