How is it November Already?

ImageWhen I was a kid, I remember my mom (and all adults, really) talking about how fast time goes, but I always thought it went SO SLOWLY. Waiting for Christmas, birthday, summer break, and all the other things a kid looks forward to seemed like an eternity back then. And now I’m a grown-up and it’s November. This past year is a huge blur of happiness, exhaustion, fun, and more happiness. Last year at this time, we were waiting (pretty impatiently) for our baby girl to arrive. She’s 11 months old now…how did that happen so fast??? In just a few short weeks, she will be 1 year old.  She is quickly becoming a little girl and it is amazing to see. Lately it seems like every single day she is doing something new and learning more and more about the world and how it works. I see her do things that she’s never done and I’m shocked every time…and a lot of the time she is pretty shocked too. At 11 months old, she is:

1. saying a few words here and there (she is stubborn and will only say them when she decides to). She says dada, puppy (pehpeh), yuck (uck), all done (ah duh), shoo (chu)–we’ve had a lot of flies in our house recently, and I say “Shoo fly” all the time…so now she waves her tiny arm and says it too.

2. Playing with us…she likes to trick us. She will pretend to eat stuff off of the floor and then start laughing when I look in her mouth, she holds food out for me to eat and then quickly takes it away and eats it herself and laughs, and she LOVES to be chased around the house with one of us saying “I’m gonna get you!!”.

3. Dancing. Oh my goodness, the dancing. If she hears one second of music, she’s moving. I hope this never stops.

4. Clapping. She’s been clapping for a while, but recently she’s been clapping all the time…when we get her out of her carseat, when it’s time to eat, when we pick her up after a nap, at bath time, when I sing to her…pretty much anything is clap-worthy these days.

5. Waving. She’s also been waving for a while, but like clapping, it happens way more now. I love taking her to the grocery store because she waves at every person that passes us and it is adorable. When they wave back, she gets so excited and does a great fake laugh.

6. Biting. This one is not fun at all. She doesn’t bite to be mean, so I really have no idea how to stop it. Any ideas?

7. Trying so hard to walk. I really can’t wait til she figures it out because my back and neck are sore from all the bending over to hold her hands while she practices.

8. Giving kisses. This one is my favorite. She’s stubborn with these too, but when she does kiss me, it is the sweetest thing in the world.

She is so awesome. I can’t believe she’ll be 1 soon.


4 responses to “How is it November Already?

  1. Emotional. I still remember seeing her the day she was born. How is this happening? She is such a doll and is developing the cutest little personality:)

  2. A beautiful, happy and thriving almost-one-year-old. What a blessing from God and testament to your & Ryan’s faith in Him! God is good!!

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