Feerer Family Update

Halloween week was so much fun!

ImageOn Saturday, we bought some pumpkins and carved them. We took out all of the seeds and then let Rose play in the stringy goo inside…it was a little stressful for me. She loved it. Apparently that stringy goo tastes pretty good, but it isn’t easy to eat. There was a lot of gagging and coughing, and then she’d just laugh. I just couldn’t bring myself to take it away when she was so happy. This girl loves pumpkin.

ImageTuesday night we had more pumpkin fun! Our friends, Daniel and Rachel, invited us over for chili and pumpkin decorating. The chili was so good…she made a special vegetarian chili that was seriously delicious. The babies had fun playing with the pumpkins. There was no eating them this time, but it was still fun to lick them and try really hard to pick them up. Sorry these pictures are so dark.

ImageWe also celebrated Halloween!!! I had no idea this holiday would be 10 times more fun once we had a kid to share it with. Normally we just hand out candy to the cute little trick-or-treaters that come to our door, but this year we went out with friends and did some trick-or-treating ourselves. Once we got out there, we were shocked to find out that our neighborhood is amazing on Halloween. I mean really, really amazing. There were haunted housed in front yards, remote controlled bats flying around in the air, creepy men on stilts walking around the streets, spooky music playing loudly, and SO MANY families out and about. It was like a movie. I can’t wait til Halloween next year.


3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Hahaha! I can’t believe Rose eats that stringy pumpkin goo. Hilarious. That last pic is the best! All of the ones I tried to get of Rose and Davis in their costumes together came out blurry or with satan eyes. And I promise we will dress up next year!

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