The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here! Where should I begin…

Last weekend, our friends Jeremy and Julianne King had their baby boy, Cooper!! He was a few days early and we are all so happy he’s finally here!! We saw him the day he was born and he was perfect, tiny, and sweet. He also reminded me how quickly they grow :( Tyler and I are thrilled that y’all are parents, Jeremy and Jules!

Tyler and his dad put up Sinclair’s new swing. She loves it. She also loves her daddy.

For the past week, Sinclair has decided to wake up between 5-6am. She usually plays for about an hour and then goes back to sleep. Why she would want to do this, I’ll never understand. But, she just plays in our bed for that hour and is the cutest little thing… I’m not too mad about it:)

Sinclair also had her first injury. She fell face first into a puzzle with knobs sticking out of the pieces. I freaked out. She cried pretty hard, had a red mark on her head, and she bled a tiny bit under her nose. It was entirely more traumatic for me than for her.

The weather is finally getting cold (in the mornings) so I am taking full advantage of getting to bundle Sinclair up in her fall gear. She is such a doll.

We also have had some great visitors lately. Daniel, Rachel, and Davis stopped by on their way back to Abilene this weekend to hang out with us. The two of them together was priceless. They had a baby conversation, shared toys, and grabbed and patted each other. ADORABLE.

My dad is currently in town from Nebraska hanging with us and we have had the best time!!! Sinclair loves her Papa and wishes he lived here so she could see him all the time!!


4 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Oh no! I didn’t know she got her first boo boo :( Poor little gal, I will have to nurse her back to health tomorrow with kisses and hugs.

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