Johnson update

I know my updates are probably boring, and the main reason I keep doing them is so that I can make a blog book and not have to make a scrap book or baby book. I do plan on writing about my favorite things but currently I am only thinking about things that are not my favorite. Like these chips.

They are terrible. I like this brand but not baked.

Saturday night our friends, Jon and Gail, from Searcy were in town. We had so much fun eating and playing skip-bo. Jon is looking at their baby boy.


Sunday was Jeff’s 29th birthday. He is always kind of awkward about his birthday and tries to avoid people. If I were ever to tell a waiter that it was his birthday, he would get seriously mad at me…and then his birthday would be ruined. I try to tell him that I want a free dessert but he doesn’t care. So, for his birthday we stayed in and had a slumber party. The plan was to watch a movie, but I fell asleep before we decided which movie so Jeff watched football. I have been going to bed around 8:30…9:30 Texas time. It was one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever had. I think I’m too old to sleep on a pallet. I love Jeff and would sleep on a pallet again…but only for his birthday.


Ross playing with tools.


Going to school.

Loving the snow and eating it. And really trying hard to say cheese.




Also, Ross is finally getting his 12 month molars. He almost has TEN teeth!

2 responses to “Johnson update

  1. Your updates are NOT boring; I watch for them religiously. Yay, Jon and Gail!! They said Ross eating blueberries was the funniest thing ever. Also, LOVE Ross and those little boots!!!

  2. Totally not boring….I love reading them!! And I love you. And Ross. Can’t wait to see you in a few days!!!!

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