A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m copying Meredith’s idea and writing about some of my favorite things today. I had a really hard time narrowing it down to 6 things, but they are 6 things that are part of my life nearly every day. If not every day, then absolutely every week. Here they are:

1. Black leggings. I honestly have no idea where I would be without them. I can’t tell you how many pairs I own (cause I’d be embarrassed if I did), but I promise I need every last one. I have been quoting Blair Waldorf in my head (“Tights are not pants!”) a lot when I reach for them every morning, but even that isn’t enough to convince me to wear jeans instead. And you should all know before you look at this picture, those are not my legs. I wish they were.Image

2. Kevin Murphy Resort Spray. This stuff is amazing. Ryan actually bought it for his hair, but I’ve stollen it. Dry shampoo is getting lots of attention right now, and for good reason, but this is better. It doesn’t make your hair less greasy, but it does make the grease look good (eww). I’ve been using it every day to add a little texture and make my hair less boring and flat.


3. Oil burner. I have this one from Muji, and I’m pretty sure it is the best one out there. I’ve owned others, and they don’t compare to this one. Its simple, its not ugly, its awesome. I have a little problem with buying scented oils (mostly from Bath and Body Works), and this is the perfect way to use them up. It works SO MUCH BETTER than a candle. When you have a dog that smells like Daisy, something like this is necessary. Trust me.


4. Born Free Sippy Cup. Rose hates riding in her carseat more than anything in the universe. I honestly tried everything I could think of to make her happy in it, and until this sippy cup, nothing worked. I try not to give it to her unless we are in the car so that it is a treat and keeps her distracted. She still fusses sometimes, but this gift from the Lord has really helped!


5. A black blazer. I hope these never go out of style. You can seriously throw on a black blazer over anything and you automatically look put together. I rarely have time to “get ready” and actually feel put together, so the idea that one piece of clothing can be paired with almost anything I own and I won’t look like I just rolled out of bed is priceless. I have this one from H&M and I love it. It was cheap, too. You should all go get one today (if you don’t already have one).


6. Smitten Kitchen. Not only is this blog fun to read (because Deb, the author, is hilarious), the recipes are so good. I love cooking, and I love baking even more. Nearly every time I need a recipe, I look here first. I love that she doesn’t use many weird ingredients (like crisco…yuck), and they are generally a little healthier than other recipes. Not always, but usually. They are ALWAYS delicious though.

This was fun. Thanks for the idea, Mere! And I agree with her that everyone else should do a favorites post. Soon.


One response to “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Oh great. The problem with these ‘favorite’ posts is that now I want to go buy everything you just wrote about!!! Love this!!!

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