Feerer Family Update

This week we:

Imagewent on a double date to Bonterra Blu. The food was amazing (they even made me a special vegetarian meal that was handpicked from their personal garden that afternoon…isn’t that so nice?!) and it was really fun hanging out with friends and relaxing.

ImageWe took a trip to the zoo (again). Rose was feeling a little emo that day. Or maybe she was just sad that her head is getting too big for her hoodie? I guess I should go shopping.

ImageSince the weather was nice, we decided to do our weekly friend dinner at the park instead of at someone’s house! It was a little windy, but it was still a nice change. The babies had fun watching the random cat that was running around, swinging, and trying really hard to walk around. I think we should go the park more often with friends…it was really fun.

ImageI dressed Rose in a cute Fall outfit (not the one I wanted to, because it’s still a little warm) and we took her to the Pumpkin Patch. I really thought she’d love it. Her aunt Jamie brought her a tiny little pumpkin the other day and she wouldn’t put it down, so I was convinced that she’d be super excited about seeing tons and tons of pumpkins! I was so wrong. She didn’t really care at all. I think I may have gotten one picture with a half-smile, but I’m not sure. She did like the pine trees though…they were hilarious.

ImageShe learned how to open/close doors (sort of…they don’t close all the way), and she is obesessed. This new little trick has kept her entertained for hours this week. Every door in the house has been swinging back and forth, including the cabinets and refrigerator. She especially loves it when I sit on the other side and say “boo!” when it opens. I hope she always thinks I’m the funniest person alive.


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