Johnson update

I’ve been really craving balsamic vinaigrette and bread and butter…altogether. Somedays, I just keep eating this glorious trio for every meal…except breakfast when I usually force feed myself eggs.

We discovered this Italian bakery and I just can’t get enough of the bread and noodles with garlic and butter. They are getting to know Ross a little and gave him this mustache cookie.


To be honest, it was not that delicious so I let Ross indulge.

Ross is totally obsessed with the following:

1. Trucks pronounced chucks
2. Choo choos
3. Cars pronounced with a British accent
4. Horse pronounced worse…just horse with a “w”…not ” for better or worse”. Does that make sense?

Every time he sees a silver truck, he thinks it is Jeff and then starts freaking out. It is so sweet. Also, Ross loves to get on any object and pretend it is a horse. Especially Jeff’s back. It is so funny and he has only busted is lip once.


We went to the museum and I confirmed that Ross has Jeff’s personality. He was obsessed with this ball area and made it his number one priority to get as many balls as he could and place them in the tubes. He did this over and over for an hour. It was incredible. I finally made us leave and tried to encourage him to smile and not be so serious.



He did FINALLY smile for a picture…I have been trying for months to get him to look at the camera and say cheese.


We went to this awesome pumpkin patch…that was really like a little pumpkin town. It had all kinds for food trucks and vendors and general stores and live music! I could go on and on. The lines were so long for everything that we just did some of the 3 mile maze and the barrel ride. It was a near impossibility for me to get in and out of the barrel. And I was wearing my special maternity jeans that I haven’t stopped wearing since I was pregnant with Ross, that have the huge rip in the stretchy maternity part…near my behind. That was fun.





Ross and Jeff…BFF


One response to “Johnson update

  1. Our boys are into the exact same things right now! Collin says “big tuck!” when he sees a semi or something. Does Ross make sound effects when playing with cars and trucks? Collin already does that and I find myself in awe of how little boys know to be little boys!! Love you and miss you!

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