Feerer Family Update

This we week we:

Imagedrove to Dallas to do a little shopping! This picture was taken at the very beginning of the trip, before Rose decided that she hated being in the car seat.

ImageWe stayed with Meredith and Sinclair (Tyler was gone). Their house is awesome and Rose actually slept pretty well there. I’m always nervous about sleep when we travel, but she seems to do pretty well most of the time. Rose loved exploring Meredith’s house, but wasn’t not happy when we tried to get a picture of her and Sinclair. Sinclair was a perfect little angel and looked adorable for the picture (as usual). Someday we’ll get a good one of the two of them together…someday.

ImageWe also went to Ikea. I always get so excited to go there, and then halfway through I get exhausted and just want it to be over. We did get new bedroom furniture though!! I love it. Rose had fun looking at everything and trying to grab anything near her. She also enjoyed that little babyfood squeeze thing (what are those called?). I was hesitant to give her anything I hadn’t made, but traveling with homemade food is tricky. She had a few of them over the weekend, and now I’m afraid she’s hooked. She hasn’t had one since, but she is being very very picky about her food, which was NEVER a problem before. Any suggestions??

ImageAs I mentioned earlier in the week, the crazy weather made Rose a tad sickly (maybe that’s why she’s not eating much??), so there have been a few days of pajamas and playing inside. She’s been really into playing with herself in the mirror lately and it is so cute. Seriously. It’s adorable.


4 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Love Rose’s toothy grin in the car seat pic. And her friend, Sinclair, is too adorable looking at Rose crying in the shots of just the two of them.

  2. Those little teeth are so cute!!!!!! I’m bound and determined to get these girls to hug each other for a pic ASAP!!

    Also, we should invent something that makes babies love the car seat. We’d be rich!

  3. Hahaha you’re gonna have to make a collage of all the pics of Rose crying with other people! Sinclair is so confused. And that last pic of Rose looking in the mirror had me laughing out loud.

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