Feerer Family Update

For some reason, I didn’t take nearly as many pictures this week as I normally do. Don’t worry though, I did manage to take a few cute ones.

ImageRyan took this picture the other night when I was reading a bedtime story to Rose. Her sweet little face is perfect. We found a book that she loves…it’s called Zelda’s Lick-or-Treat. Zelda is a bulldog that looks exactly like Daisy (our bulldog), and I’m pretty sure Rose thinks it is Daisy. She points at each page and laughs at the dog in silly Halloween costumes, she pets it really gently, and she sits completely still while we read it. It is the only book so far that she is really interested in. We read to her every night and mostly she tries to chew on the books, but not this one. If you’ve been around Rose lately, you’ve seen how active she is…she NEVER sits still, so I’ve enjoyed watching her calm down and focus on something so peaceful. I love it.

ImageRose got new shoes. How cute are they???? I’m in love. She isn’t too great at wearing shoes, or anything on her feet, really. I’m determined to make these stay on her feet. And I’m hoping that when she is wearing them, we’ll get less “oh your little guy is so handsome”.

ImageWe saw some ducks. Rose and Mamie (her cousin) loved watching them. The ducks were a little unsure about the girls.


One response to “Feerer Family Update

  1. The photo of you and Rose is so gorgeous and iconic! One she will treasure for sure when she is all grown up. Way to go Ryan for capturing such a picture perfect moment!

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