A Few Firsts.

Sinclair is growing and changing so much every single day….I can’t believe it. She has recently experienced a few firsts in her life. She met my friend Rachel and her baby Davis Wason for the first time. She loves him. She also pooped on herself the first time she hung out with him …..which could be very embarrassing someday.

Sinclair also tried on her first owl hat. She needs one of these immediately.

Sinclair played in her first box. We got this idea from Cassie and Rose. She loved it and spent most of her time scratching the sides of the box with her nails.

Sinclair rode in her first shopping cart at Trader Joe’s. She was a little bit wobbly but loved looking around at everything and all of the crazy people freaking out about this store (it’s cool, but not that cool, people).

Sinclair also sat in a high chair for the first time!! We weren’t planning on this but there wasn’t a table big enough for her bumbo seat, so we stuck her in the chair…..germs everywhere.

Sinclair also may have discovered her first word? Dada….hahahahah not really, but it sounds so cute.


4 responses to “A Few Firsts.

  1. I love Trader Joes. Also, Rose sits in those high chairs all the time, and she’s rarely sick…so don’t worry!! Sinclair is getting so big!! She already looks bigger than she was last weekend.

  2. We can go to Trader Joes together while y’all are here if you want. I got you some Apple Cider to try.

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