Feerer Family Update

This was a great week! It was so busy and it seemed like we constantly had something going on, but I like that.

ImageOn Saturday, some of my cousins from California were here and Rose got to meet her newest little cousin, Julia! It was so much fun visiting. Doesn’t Rose look huge next to little Julia?!

ImageOn Sunday, Ryan had a surprise birthday party for me at our house. I knew something was going on when he started cleaning like crazy and working in the yard, but it was still fun to wait and see what was going to happen! He had a chef (from the restaurant) cook dinner (homemade ravioli…my favorite), and some of our friends pitched in and brought delicious sides to go with it. It was a great night. My husband is pretty cool.

ImageMonday was my actual birthday, so we went out to dinner as a family. This hasn’t happened in such a long time. I loved it.

ImageRose turned 10 months old. I can’t believe it. Isn’t she so beautiful?

ImageI made a fall wreath for our front door. There is a house in our neighborhood that has a decorated porch for Fall and it looks so good. We walk by there every morning and I get a little jealous that my porch doesn’t look that cute, so I decided to do something about it. This was the first step.

ImageThe past couple of days it’s been raining, so we’ve been forced to play indoors, which means Rose is making plenty of messes. Ryan asked me yesterday how many times I clean her room a day…I couldn’t answer. I like cleaning it though. I feel like each time I do it, I’m giving her a clean slate to start with. It’s like the episode of Dawson’s Creek when Pacey gives Joey a wall to paint because he loves her so much. I imagine Rose feels the same gratitude toward me that Joey felt toward Pacey. Hahahahha…just kidding.


3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Oh yes. And she’s especially more beautiful than Andy.

    I want to make a wreath now…yours is so awesome!!

  2. Rose = absolutely adorable perfection. Those lips! Those eyes!! That skin!!!
    You = more gorgeous than ever! Seriously – how do you manage it!?
    That wreath = seriously stylish. I don’t even like wreaths & I’m wanting to make one just like it! Well done, friend!!

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