Cancel Each Other Out.

Do any other nursing Moms out there have a baby with a slight dairy intolerance? It’s not confirmed with Sinclair, but I notice that when I eat dairy products (mainly milk or cheese) she is a bit fussy and gassy.  Not cool. You know what else isn’t cool- giving up ice cream. Let me introduce you to coconut milk mocha almond fudge ice cream. Oh man, yum. Try it.

Then, when you’re finished eating this treat, go cancel all the calories out with this fun squat challenge. I’ve done it a few days now and it’s no joke. You don’t even realize you’re squatting for 4 minutes straight because you’re doing it to the song ‘Call Me Maybe.” This girl is a bit cheesy but by the end you sort of like her.

2 responses to “Cancel Each Other Out.

  1. I have stared at that ice cream in the grocery store freezer so many times wanting to buy it. I know I’d love it. I also know I’d never even think about working out after, so I guess its a good thing I never give in.

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