I turned 30 yesterday. I always thought that when I turned 30, I’d feel like an adult. I was wrong. I still feel like I’m 25…I know when you’re 25 you are an adult, but it doesn’t really feel like it. I have heard from tons of people that the thirties are the best years, so hopefully that’s true! It’s going to be pretty hard to top my twenties though. So many awesome things happened in the past ten years.

I met the most amazing friends anyone could ever want.ImageImageImage

I met Ryan!


I lived in the greatest city in the world.


I married Ryan.


And we had Rose.


I also had several different jobs that I loved for different reasons. We bought our first house, that I never want to leave. I traveled, saw friends get married, and so many other incredible things. How can my thirties be better than that??? I have no idea how it’s going to happen, but I think it will.


4 responses to “30

  1. We all used to be so tan.
    When I think of you in New York, I always picture that coat.
    Your wedding was awesome. Remember how Sunday kept telling us to ‘get our girls up’? I miss him.
    And Rose- totally worth the super long labor.
    Bring it on, 30’s!

  2. A beautiful life for a beautiful woman. And to think – this is only the beginning!! Praying for God’s continued outpouring of blessings on you, Ryan & Rose in the years & decades to come.

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