The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

This was a big weekend for the Tracys. Tyler turned 28 on Saturday- the same day that Sinclair turned 6 months. I’m jealous they get to share half birthdays with each other:) Unfortunately, Tyler was sick all weekend. I don’t have any pics of him, but I do have some of Sinclair at her 6 month check-up. We are so thankful for a healthy little girl.

They most exciting part of the weekend was when Sinclair got her first taste of solid food. She did pretty good. I’m not sure how much she actually got down, but we’ll keep working on it. Time needs to slow the heck down.

A special shout out today goes to Cassie: Happy Birthday pretty lady!!! Cassie is one of the best people I know. She is hilarious, fun, easy going, encouraging, super loyal, and about the only person (other than Tyler) that I’d ever want to share a room with (again). Cass, I so wish we could throw back a bottle of Boones Farm and celebrate tonight, but we both know that can’t happen for a number of reasons :) I’m so thankful to have gotten to call you friend for so long and thank God we have a lifetime of memories still to make. Love you lots and hope you have a great day!!


4 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Hahaha she is so cute eating that food!! It also makes me want to cry a little. And I love the throwbacks of you and Cass…y’all are so beautiful!

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