Johnson update

This past week has been crazy. On Friday, we ventured to one of my very favorite places. Searcy, Arkansas.


This is how Ross and I manage in the airport without a stroller. If you ever see me on an airplane, you will see me in this outfit. Here are the reasons:

1. I don’t have to shave my legs or armpits.
2. I can sit Indian style…or, to be politically correct, criss cross apple sauce.
3. I don’t have to worry about my bottom crack showing.
4. When putting my carryon overhead, my stomach and bright red stretch marks will not show.
5. The first time I wore this outfit on a plane, I vomited all over the bottom of it while in air and while a stranger was watching Ross. Now, when Ross does something naughty, this outfit serves as a reminder that things could be worse.

If I could give you one piece of advice about traveling with a baby on an airplane, it would be to wear a long skirt…and wear it above your belly button.

Ross and I have been on about 100 flights together and for the first time, Jeff flew with us. It was so awesome. And helpful. And WAY less stressful. It probably hasn’t been 100 flights but it feels like it.

Searcy was so awesome and fun. We saw our friends and ate good food and enjoyed our searcy home.

We went to our friend Collin’s 2nd birthday. It was circus theme and so cute. They even had a popcorn machine and a cotton candy maker!!! We love love the Baum family and loved seeing the people that were in our community group.


Jeff had to go back to work, so Ross and I stayed with our neighbor friends, the Boulware’s, while the movers packed up all of our stuff. Kerry was the best host and makes the best waffles, pan cakes, French toast, and pop corn. The pop corn is out of this world. They have the sweetest twin girls that were so precious to Ross. We love them so.


Ross loved their hair bows.


Sweetest friends. Kerry, Annie, and Mallory. Catherine and the other Annie had already left.


It was so sad leaving friends and our house. Searcy was such a neat place for us. It was such an easy place to live.

Also Kerry gave me a TON of maternity clothes…it was seriously like Christmas.


At the last minute, we decided that Ross and I would travel to North Dakota so that we could see Jeff. It seems like we haven’t seen him in forever…but all this traveling will slow down soon. PTL. We are in Williston, ND. It’s so weird here. There are so many oil/gas workers here and they’ve all come so suddenly that there is nowhere to live. So they stay in “man camps.”. They are like dorms with cafeterias. And there are hundreds of them…so weird.

Ross loves “chuks.”


Xoxo, L.

3 responses to “Johnson update

  1. Love all of this! Your travelling outfit is super cute, and Ross on the suitcase is adorable. That picture of Connor dressed up is hilarious!! As is the one with Ross and the hairbows. I hope y’all are enjoying your visit with Jeff, and I already miss you again :(

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