We Went to the Fair

It wasn’t the fantastic night that I had planned in  my head, but it was still a good night. In my head, we (Ryan and I) were going to share nachos, Aggie fries, and a funnel cake, then we’d ride the Ferris Wheel and Rose’s eyes would light up when she saw everything below her and all the lights would make her really excited, and then we’d take her to the petting zoo and she’d wave at all the animals and try to grab them (which would be totally fine, because its a petting zoo). 

It was a little chilly that day and it started lightly sprinkling on our way there, but it didn’t bother me. I was determined. Ryan didn’t want nachos or funnel cake, so Rachel shared with me (which is actually better because she eats less than Ryan). It was delicious. And Rose and Davis were being so cute together while we ate. Image

Next, we went to watch a cooking demo. put on by the chef at Abi-Haus. It was fun to watch and everyone seemed to love the food, which is excellent! The sprinkles had become a little bigger by the time we got done there, so we headed to the petting zoo because it’s covered. Rose liked it, but she didn’t try to grab ANY of the animals. The one time she is allowed to, she doesn’t want to. Crazy girl. ImageImageImage

When we finished with the animals, it was raining too hard to ride the Ferris Wheel. Maybe next year. I’m sure she’ll like it more then anyway. 


2 responses to “We Went to the Fair

  1. Hahaha! I am willing to share any of those foods with you any time of year. Rose was so cute in that sweater and those corduroys! I can’t wait to see all of the adorable things she will wear this fall.

  2. That 1st pic of you 4 is amazing. Rose looks like a little baby sweater model. She is getting so big. Bigger than Charlie? Please tell her to stop growing. I want a corn dog so bad.

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