The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

What a week. Let’s see- Sinclair loves to look outside.


Sinclair also loves to play with her daddy when he gets home from work. She’s finally stopped spitting up all over his work clothes the minute he picks her up, so that’s good.

We hosted community group at our house this week. Sinclair likes that because she can play with all of her toys. She loves her friend Madeline.

It’s finally gotten a little bit cooler outside. Sinclair wore her first sweater of her life. It was a bit big but she was still adorable.

She also wore some tights. She hates shoes and is always barefoot. On Sunday, it was raining and chilly and I didn’t want anyone thinking I was a bad Mom so we made her wear tights. She was rather confused.

I’m sorry, but this girl is just so stinkin pretty.


We had a baby shower for Jules!! I cannot wait to meet baby Cooper!! Jules is still super adorable and her bump is growing!!

Sinclair and I have been doing a Mommy/Baby workout three mornings a week. We LOVE it and totally need it. The kids just stare at us doing lunges like we’re crazy. If you’re in the area and looking for a great workout to do with baby, let me know!


I picked up Eli and Judah from school today, and it was so fun!! They are the sweetest boys and are finally warming up to the idea of a baby sister someday (hopefully). They kept asking me why she was making all of the noises she was making while we were driving. It was hilarious.

Sinclair loves to sit up. She’s still a bit wobbly, so I just sit her inside a boppy pillow so she doesn’t land on her big head (thanks Cass). What a big girl.



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