Feerer Family Update

Image This was a pretty relaxing week. We spent a lot of time outside and around the house. We played outside in our back yard for the first time with Rose. She loved it, and I’m happy to report that she only ate one leaf. She threw up three times afterward, but I still think only one leaf is a success.

ImageRose had her 9 month checkup and it was also a success. She was nervous (or at least she looks nervous in the picture), but it went well. She weighs 20.3 lbs., is 28.6 inches long, and her head is still big, but she’s starting to grow into it!

ImageRyan took over the local media this week. He’s been on the news several times and in the newspaper. It’s funny when your husband leaves the house early because he has a photoshoot before work. Hopefully all this free advertisement will make the restaurant famous and we’ll be millionaires…or at least be able to pay off some college loans.

ImageWe also made lots of messes. When Ryan isn’t home and I desperately need to cook something so that I don’t die of starvation, this is what I do. I just put something messy on the tray of her highchair and let her go crazy. It works.


2 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Sinclair and I need to come hang out with y’all….you two are always having so much fun. 9 months? Oh man, this is all going way too fast.

  2. so, So, SO excited for you and Ryan on the opening of the restaurant!! And I agree with Meredith – it doesn’t seem possible that Rose is 9 months old already! Glad to see you are savoring every moment. =)

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