Johnson Update

Jeff has been working in Utah the last couple of weeks so Ross and I decided to go with him for a few days.

Utah is red. It looks kind of like mars.


While we were there, we went to a really neat dinosaur museum and saw lots of fossils. That is really all there was to do in Vernal, Utah. Some people call it Urinal, Utah because it’s not a very pleasant place to be.


We had to ride in this little plane to get back to Denver. This is by far the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. It only held 21 people…including the pilots. No flight attendants. We entered and exited the plane from the outside. It was really interesting and I kind of felt like a celebrity.


This weekend, PBS put on a really fun block party thing for kids. Ross got a FREE bicycle helmet! He wanted to wear it forever…and of course was super serious when he had it on.



We also went to the zoo and Ross made a new friend.


Y’all should be glad that I just went public with the pregnancy because all I wanted to do was complain on this blog about how awful I felt. And how all I’ve been wanting to eat is blocks of cheese and waffles. No wonder I had a few days of being compacted.

Also I want to eat Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, their fries, anyone’s fries, and jasmine rice with lots of butter and salt. Also steak.
I learned this trick from my dear friend Hannah. She learned from her Bradley method class that how much oil you intake during pregnancy correlates with how much you will tear and the amount of stretch marks you have. I’m probably getting this all wrong…and she probably didn’t even say that…BUT it’s in my head and helping me make really wise decisions about how much butter to eat. I have been putting butter on everything. Real butter. At this rate, I should not get one extra stretch mark to add to my significant collection and I should not tear. Thanks Han!

Xoxo, l.

3 responses to “Johnson Update

  1. I’m not pregnant, but I will eat cheese or waffles anytime. Butter too. And I remember Hannah saying something like that too, so just eat all the butter you want.

  2. I hope Amanda T. reads this so she can see how much I learned from her class! I think I remember learning that eating a lot of ice cream (esp milkshakes) helps too–so try that :)

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