DIY: Babyfood

So far, I’ve made nearly everything Rose has eaten. She’s had Puffs and yogurt melts, but other than that it’s all been homemade. I’m a bit of a worrier, so this has helped me to know what is going in to her tiny body and gives me a little bit of peace-of-mind. Also, it’s WAY cheaper…I can prove it. If I was going to buy the cheapest brand of jarred babyfood at Wal-Mart (cause I’m assuming that is the cheapest place to buy it?), I would be spending a minimum of $64.00 per month. When I make her food, I spend one afternoon and make enough for an entire month. The most I’ve spent is $17.00 for a month’s worth of food. That is a big difference! To me it is, anyway. So for those of you who are also interested in saving a little cash, this one’s for you!

Step 1: Prepare your fruits and vegetables. Wash them, peel them (if necessary), cut them up. Image


Step 2: Steam them. You don’t have to steam everything, but I’ve read that it’s easier for them to digest if it’s steamed. I don’t steam soft fruits, like kiwi or banana, but most other things I do. There is no picture of this step because of the steam…it doesn’t work well with a camera.

Step 3: When everything is nice and soft, throw it into your food processor/baby bullet/etc. I LOVE my food processor and definitely prefer it over the bullet, but the bullet is good for making really small amounts. This part is fun because you can get creative with your combinations…or you can just leave them simple and do one fruit/veggie at a time. Image

Step 4: Scoop out little spoonfuls and put into whatever storage you’re using. I bought these great freezer trays and I love them. I had a gift card, otherwise I would’ve just used regular ice trays from the dollar store, cause I’m pretty sure they’d work just as well. Image

Step 5: Use a dry erase marker and label the trays. Image

Step 6 (optional): Once they are frozen, pop them out of the tray and put them in labeled ziplock baggies, then refill your trays and freeze some more!

Super easy, right?! And healthy. And cheap. What more could you want????


4 responses to “DIY: Babyfood

  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to blog about this. I, too, used a gift card and bought some tray things today! Of course, I’ll have like 20 additional questions for you. #savingmoney

  2. Cassie, this is awesome! If we ever add any children to the Donlan household, I will definitely be taking your lead on this one. One (probably obvious, but unclear to me) question. How do you steam the food? Do you have a steamer? If not, can you use the microwave? How do you know how long is long enough?

    • Katy, first of all, you better add children to the Donlan household. Second, I don’t have a steamer…I use a metal colander and a saucepan with water in the bottom! It takes a little longer than a steamer, but it works! And when the veggies/fruit is soft enough to mush with your fingers, it’s done! Great questions!!!

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