Bigg Happenings

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last 1.5 weeks!

Got tired of our own toys, so we played at Toys-R-Us one day.

Rode the Elmo car!

Went swimming, as usual.

She loves the pool!

Charlie threw half of her food on the floor. She does this a lot.

Then she got a “spanking” for throwing her food. This is her reaction if I tap her diaper and say something in a firm voice.

We went to a fun watermelon birthday party!

Here’s the beautiful birthday girl! Violet is 1 and so cute!!

West shared.

Best party favor ever? Sunglasses!

These new shades got 2 thumbs up.

Charlie ate Mr. Potato Head.

His new favorite way to help mommy.

Charlie eats with a fork. She’s been doing this for a least a month now! She is very sophisticated.

Reading in her favorite chair.

*flashback* Here’s West around the same age, reading in the same chair :)

This is her bed-head. It’s the cutest.

West got a new umbrella from his friend Olivia. He LOVES it!!

The Zellners came to visit! Dex is the cutest and he has awesome hair. I think he was confused about why there were so many people in his bathtub!

The Zellners brought us La Popular and made my life complete.

Me and West went shopping. He pushed the cart.


6 responses to “Bigg Happenings

  1. You know Charlie’s dramatic response to correction has a direct link to your DNA. I have to say it really amuses Grammy!

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