The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Our great friends, the Kings, are having a baby boy in October. We are thrilled for them and can’t wait to meet baby Cooper. Jeremy and Jules live in Keller and that distance plus the fact that we have a baby keep us from seeing each other a ton but we try to every so often. How cute is Jules?? She is seriously the cutest pregnant gal around. In addition to her being super cute, she will be the best mommy. Love you guys.




We bought the dang Peg-Perego car seat for this girl because I heard it was the safest on the market. By safest they meant heaviest. That car seat plus our 17 pounder is just getting too heavy for this mommy. So, we’ve been throwing her (not literally) into a big girl stroller. She loves it, as you can tell.


Our baby is getting so big and has just the craziest personality (later post). She has been trying with all her might to sit up and play. I can’t wait for that, actually, because then maybe she won’t moan with frustration when she can’t reach her toys and see the world!


These days, she’s also eating her feet (sometimes both at the same time).


She really love to read books, too. I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan. I love to rhyme (as some of you well know) and get a kick out of his books. But, this one is strange. The words don’t flow and there is a scary illustration of a baby with fangs? Strange. Anyway, Cassie, I can write some rhymes for your children’s books if you want.


5 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Mere! I feel so special to be included in your blog post – you are SO sweet! We loved getting to hang out with you guys and see your adorable house! Sinclair just continues to get cuter and cuter – she better win the Gerber baby contest, if they don’t pick her they are crazy!! Anyways, love you guys so much! :)

    7 weeks and counting….ahhhhhh!

  2. I love the picture of Sinclair in her big girl stroller with her little feet crossed! And, Hop on Pop is no fun. I haven’t seen the baby with fangs, but it’s still my least favorite Dr. Seuss book.

  3. Sinclair is so adorable, I miss squeezing her!
    Now, about Hop on Pop. I have read it ten thousand times in my life time and never once noticed a baby with fangs ( Doesn’t mean it’s not there though)! You loved it when you were little. I think I had to get a new copy when Chip was ready
    for it! And even though it doesn’t flow, it is awesome for teaching rhyme to ESL kids. My Kinders can read it themselves by the end of the

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