Feerer Family Update

First of all, why is it so hot??? It’s September. I’m not expecting actual fall temperatures or anything, but 105 is just too hot for September. Anyway, here’s our week:

ImageWe went to a fashion show for my friend’s boutique, Betty & June. It was so much fun and it made me want to throw away all of my clothes and buy new ones from her. Rose had fun, too.

ImageOn the way home from church on Sunday, I sang a 90’s rap song to Rose…this is the face she made. Either she didn’t like the song, or she didn’t like my voice. I’m guessing it was my voice because the song is really good.

ImageWe went to our friend, Ira’s, birthday party. It was so much fun. They had a food truck, summery drinks, and lots of fun stuff for the kiddos. I wish it could be Ira’s birthday more often.

ImageWe had a slumber party at my mom’s house because we found lead paint in Rose’s room and I nearly had a panic attack. Seriously…I was not ok. I called the doctor’s office immediately and when they didn’t answer, I texted Hannah. Thanks for calming me down, Hannah. I’m so glad I know you and that you are a pediatric genius. Ryan got it all painted and taken care of for us.

ImageOne morning it was cool enough to go to the park for a bit. We swung and watched prairie dogs. It was nice.

And the best part of this week was that my little Rosie Cheeks started crawling! It’s not your traditional crawl, it’s unique and inventive because she is creative like her daddy. She keeps both hands and one knee on the floor (normal), and one foot on the floor (not normal). She moves pretty slowly because of the crazy positioning, but I’m 100% ok with that. I’ll post a video soon.

11 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the slumber party and agree with you on the crawl….totally Rose! Love the look she gave you when you were rapping. Word!

  2. She makes the sweetest little faces! I love that she is crawling!! I am in disbelief at how fast time is going!

  3. Hahahaha that’s also the face she would give you if you showed her that pic of us you texted me….

    How did you know it was lead paint?? We probably have it, too.

    Love y’all!!

  4. You remember my younger sister Deann right?! She applied at Betty and June, she didn’t get the job (she’s has another job that she loves! :)) who are the owners? Will the restaurant be open the weekend of Sept. 22nd? We’ll be in town for my nieces birthday and we’d love to check it out! I’m glad you got the lead paint resolved! And I agree with you mom, HI Cindy!, that Roses face she gave you during your 90’s rap is so cute!!!

    • Of course I remember Deanne! I’m glad she got another job…and that she likes it! My neighbor and good friend, Jessica owns it. Her husband is Ryan’s partner with the restaurant. It should be opening the last weekend in September. The city is being REALLY slow processing everything:(

  5. This is EXACTLY how BOTH of my kids crawled…they never outgrew it, just crawled on one knee and one foot the whole time until they walked. I think if your kid crawls like that, she/he must be a natural athlete.

    Btw–did you ever call poison control that day? Jw.

  6. Cassie!!! That is crazy about the lead paint…I’ve never even thought of it! Rose is so cute and y’all have such a fun life.

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