Finger Painting!


Yesterday, Rose did some finger painting. I got this idea from Pinterest, and it was so much fun! You should all do it right now. It’s just plain Greek yogurt and food coloring, which is perfect because it’s fine for them to eat (and if your child is like mine, he/she will definitely eat it), and it is something new and fun to explore. I just taped a trash bag to the floor and let her get as messy as she wanted to. At first she was hesitant to touch it, and just stuck one finger in it a few times…but after a few minutes it was everywhere! She played and played and played, for at least 30 minutes (which is basically forever in Rose-time). When she started getting distracted I just sat her in the bath tub and rinsed her off, which was also fun for her. We will absolutely be doing this again. Probably next week. And then every week after that.




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