Sunday food prep: greatest protein shake ever, lasagna, lemon protein bars

This week was a huge success for the new round of recipes I’m trying from the He and She Eat Clean recipe site! I was super impressed with all of them and will definitely make them all again!

Let’s start with the Oxygen Magazine Protein Shake. Umm let me say that Jennifer had tried this last week and was raving about it but she is a health nut so I wasn’t too sure. I mean, the girl likes seafood after all. Bleh. ;)

Let me say that although it make not be vanilla or chocolate ice cream shake delicious, it is by far the best protein shake I’ve ever had. I was scared to death bc it called for cottage cheese which always freaks me out, but it was awesome. Definitely try this one:


Then we moved on to making the Zucchini Lasagna. This again called for cottage cheese (who knew people actually used this stuff??) which again freaked me out. But I should have never been worried because it was delicious. Mere made it too and actually tried it first and we both thought it was fantastic!

The site does tell you that it gets really watery, and believe them, it does, but as soon as you scoop it out of the pan it’s all good!



The last thing I made was the Lemon Protein Bars. I pretty much love everything lemony so I was super excited about these.

Ok, so when I was skimming the recipe at the store, I thought it said 5-6 lemons. It does not. It certainly says ounces. Well, I just went with the more the merrier mindset and used all 6 lemons. Maybe if I had just been squeezing them by hand it wouldn’t have been that bad, but Mere had this awesome lemon squeezer (which I must find and purchase for myself!) and it totally rocked!

So… My lemon bars were really really really tart! Like even an hour after you ate one your mouth was still a little puckered. Haha… Oops. They were still good though so I’m sure by using a normal amount of lemon juice will make them even better. Wes got to where he couldn’t even eat any more of them. Hahaha… Live and learn I guess :)




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