Mother-Daughter Matching Wigs?

Yes. Sinclair and I may need to get matching wigs in the very near future. Unfortunately, both of us are losing hair at an ungodly rate. It’s sad. It’s embarrassing. It’s true. I know, I know….Sinclair’s hair will surely grow back as she gets older. But, can we still take a minute to mourn the loss of her amazing birth hair??

She had the most amazing locks when she was born. We couldn’t believe it. The nurses in the hospital styled her hair in a mohawk after every single bath they gave her and just swooned over how pretty she was. She had so much hair.  It was stinking adorable. And, while she is obviously still beyond adorable, her full hair is gone. I know all babies lose hair naturally. Her sudden loss of hair may also be due to the fact her head is consistently in the 98% for her age. Her poor head is growing faster than her hair can keep up with:)

Then there’s me and my poor hair. I’ve always had thin hair and  have had to deal with that. But, this is on a whole new level. I won’t gross you out with pics of our shower drain after I wash my hair. You all get the picture.  Apparently, this postpartum massive hair loss is normal, also. I just don’t see how that’s possible. I’m literally going to go bald. But, don’t worry….the researchers swear that this excessive hair  loss usually stops about 9-12 months after giving birth. But, by then, I’ll be bald. So, here we are….contemplating matching wigs. We would look so neat.



6 responses to “Mother-Daughter Matching Wigs?

  1. Hahahaha mere! You and Sinclair would be a great glitz pageant team with those awesome wigs! This is so funny.

  2. Sinclair is beautiful with or without hair…and you would be too. My hair has finally stopped falling out, but now Rose pulls it out and I have a small baldish spot right in the front of my head…it’s really pretty.

  3. Mere! Hahahaha! I’m right there with you…I didn’t really have any hair to spare in the first place. I need bangs really bad but it’s way too thin in front to be drawing more attention to that area! Some day our hair will be normal, we can eat/drink what we want and will be able to sleep through the night again.

  4. Hahahaha…. Hair loss is so annoying!! I loved how your hair stayed in during pregnancy and i therefore loved being pregnant for that reason alone ;) she’s beautiful!! As are you.

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