Johnson Update

This weekend we went to Winter Park to hike. My dad loves to hike and has the energy of a 12 year old boy. I don’t know how he does it but I think he could have hiked forever.

Ross has a love hate relationship with hiking. He loves to walk and hates to be held. But there were times that he had to be held and during those times he looked like the following…


We were at the top of the mountain and they are standing on a big block of ice. Notice that my dad is wearing shorts.




I just love when my parents come. My mom literally never stops. She’s either cooking or cleaning or doing laundry and in her spare time plays with Ross. My dad constantly plays with Ross and he fixed the penthouses’ vacuum cleaner. They are so great and I wish that we lived down the street from them.

In other news, Ross turned 18 months old this week and has become increasingly obsessed with shoes.


5 responses to “Johnson Update

    • Cassie…I would love that. Really. Today I had breakfast with Emily Hobbs and she is really cool. Way cooler than me and equally as cool as you. We could all be friends.

  1. Lan, you look so beautiful in these pictures! Is Ross obsessed with other peoples’ shoes? He is going to have so many cool pictures when he grows up from all the neat places you guys have been!

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