Date Night


On Saturday, we had our very first date night since we had Rose 9 months ago. We’ve been on little mini dates, like to see a movie or eat a quick meal here and there (all during the day, and usually during nap time), but we hadn’t actually been on a real “date” in way too long. I have to admit, I was nervous. Rose doesn’t do well when we aren’t with her, so I usually don’t leave her for long…but dates are important, so we went! It was a black tie benefit dinner for the Grace Museum. I love the Grace, and I love dressing up in fancy clothes, so really it was the perfect excuse to go out. I even bought a new dress. And I wore red lipstick. It was refreshing to talk to people and eat dinner slowly, but of course I mostly talked about Rose. When we got home, she was asleep. I held her anyway and gave her kisses. I don’t think I could’ve fallen asleep without a little cuddle time. All in all, it was a much needed time out with Ryan. I think we’ll have to do it again…but maybe not immediately.


2 responses to “Date Night

  1. Cassie…y’all are such a fancy couple. I can’t even imagine going to a black tie event. Way to go!

  2. Y’all are hotties and totally deserved a night out!! I wish we both lived in the same city so we could switch off watching babies for date night.

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