The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

And, we’re back folks. Sorry we’ve been out of the loop for a week or two……it’s just been crazy around here!! I won’t bore you with all of the details, don’t worry. We have been having some fun, though, so I will share that with you!!

Sinclair had her first major blow-out. I know that I’m actually pretty lucky to have managed not having to experience one of these for five months, but it was still sick. It was everywhere and smelled. You get the idea.

We had a fun play date at the mall with Han, Kelly, and their kiddos. Please notice the very unladylike way in which my daughter is laying. This is how she sits 24/7. Just lovely.

We love to go antique shopping. Tyler and I have been going consistently since we’ve been married, and Sinclair loves it too.

This is the day that Tyler and I sort of thought that Sinclair looked like Rose a little? What do y’all think??

A certain someone is getting so big. I seriously can’t believe how fast she is growing and changing.

So big, in fact, that she turned 5 months old. She is making tons of noises, rolling over, putting everything in her mouth, and is just so fun to be around. Love her tons.

Tyler bought Sinclair this fancy little outfit before she was born. He has literally tried to put it on her a millions times and it was always swallowing her up…..until NOW!!! How cute is she??

She wore this cute number to Madeline’s 1st birthday party!! Madeline’s parents, Jason and Mandy, are in small group with us. I still remember the day they announced they were pregnant!! It has been so fun and such a joy to watch Madeline grow up this past year. She is such a doll!

We are so lucky to have Tyler home with us every other Friday. What better place to eat on Friday than TGIFridays? We did miss having Cassie, Ryan, and Rose with us, though. When Cass and Ryan lived here, we literally went there every Friday night. Yikes.

One of my most favorite friends on the planet, Rana, was back for a few weeks from Abu Dhabi!!!! I have missed her like crazy and she finally got to meet Sinclair. Sinclair loved her immediately, of course.

5 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. MERE…i can NOT believe that she is 5 months old!!! she is so sweet and beautiful. the outfit tyler picked out is the sweetest thing ever.

  2. I have so many things to say.
    1. How the heck has she only had ONE blowout?!?!?!
    2. I’ve said several times that Rose and Sinclair look alike in pictures!
    3. I miss Fridays at Friday’s.
    4. Tyler is a great shopper.
    5. I need to hold Sinclair ASAP.

    • She probably has only had one blowout because she only poops about every 10 days. GASP. Don’t worry, I already freaked out and took her to a gastro specialist (don’t tell Hannah). This specialist told me to stop googling things and that she was great! He said my bmilk is perfectly formulated for her and she absorbs it all :)

  3. She is sooooo big!! I could not believe it when I finally got to see her the other night!! She totally looked like Rose in that picture! And the blow out pic was totally sick.

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