Zen and the art of extreme Couponing.

Do you guys remember Double Dare?


In the show the adorable host Marc Summers would ask a trivia question and you could dare the other team to answer if you thought they weren’t the brightest bulbs in the bunch, but watch out because they could totally double dare you back and then you had to answer or take a physical challenge. I freaking loved that show. I think it conditioned me to work best under a little bit of pressure. Shows like Double Dare and Jeopardy… MAN. That was/is quality TV programing.

For me sometimes being an adult feels like an episode of Double Dare. We are asked/expected to do something we see our friends or Pinterest do it and it feels like a dare. Alright, that just made me sound crazy competitive, and I am. But I guess I’m competitive in the sense that it’s less about beating other people at doing something and more just challenging yourself to be your best and do the best for yourself and your family.

So here is my list of things I am totally pulling the Double Dare challenge on myself.

1. Meal Planning.

The scope of the kind of food Chad and I like ranges from the farm to table type eateries, to the fancy 3 forks places, to the golden arches. To say we aren’t picky is beyond true. We both eat a mostly vegetarian diet but if fish or chicken or prime rib is on the menu, I will not turn my nose up. Of course we are always trying to find the healthiest alternative for us and Dex, but refuse to spend our hard earned money on diet-y type things that just don’t tast good. Life is too short and I’d rather ride my bike 300 miles to eat at Oddfellows in Dallas than fret over how many points my huevos rancheros is gobbling up that day.

Lets go back to 3 weeks ago when Chad downloaded the Everyday Food app on the iPad.

*cue Angels singing as the Heavens open*

Martha Stewart is proof that one can go to jail and still come out on top. The woman is a genius and her baby Everyday Food Grocery Bag is her baby genius. This app (or site, or magazine… whatever floats your boat) gives you a list of groceries to buy and then quick meals make Monday-Friday with said groceries. They build onto one another, so a little bit of Monday’s magic you save for Tuesday’s ridiculously simple and yummy meal. The app has videos on how to prepare and options so say maybe aren’t feeling the pork with mozzarella and tomato, sub with some chicken! It’s idiot proof, healthy, and fun to eat something new! 2. Saving Money.

The other day Chad and I sat in awe as his mother gushed about how her extreme couponing ways saved her so much green. Literally for 15 minutes she flipped through her 3 inch 3 ring binder and gave us scenarios on how to get the most booty at the grocery store possible. I do get pissed at how much toilet paper costs so… why not? I don’t plan on clearing off some room in the garage for my 15 bottles of Alberto VO5, but I can cut the coupons after reading the funnies like any normal human.




5 responses to “Zen and the art of extreme Couponing.

  1. Ill take up couponing with you, Tressie! We can buy matching binders and backpacks to carry them in…but we should find coupons for those too.

  2. That app looks amazing!! I can’t wait to try it out!! I love that you posted this!

    Couponing… I should probably try and look into that as well.

    And did you see that Marc Summers got 1/2 his face messed up? :( but I think he’s expected to make a great recovery :)

  3. I want to coupon with y’all, too. We just did our new budget, minus my whole paycheck, and apparently I can’t ever get my hair colored again. This is a disaster. -M

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