Johnson Update

Ross refuses to show emotion during haircuts….this is Ross before his haircut.


Ross during his haircut.


Ross after his haircut.


Ross got shtuck.


Ross and Jeff…BFF. Sometimes, for fun, I imagine Jeff wearing a smocked longall and I giggle inside.


The best part of our week was when Nina Jan and Pawpaw came to visit. They are staying for a whole week. Yesterday for lunch Ross ate Cheetos. And before dinner a few bites of a root beer float. These are a few reasons he loves his Nina and Pawpaw.


Ross loves pushing the stroller.


One of my favorite parts of having my parents visit, is all the wonderful gourmet meals my mom makes.


This is her specialty…cinnamon toast. I’m sure my sister is overcome with jealousy at the site of this picture.

Xoxo, L.


6 responses to “Johnson Update

  1. Seriously. Moms always make the best cinnamon toast! I hope my kids say that about me someday! Those pictures of Ross are precious! And it makes me feel better that he shows no emotion during haircuts bc the 3 that Eli has had he did the same thing!! Landra Ross is seriously so cute and I am cracking up laughing just hearing your voice in my head reading this!

  2. Ross seriously rocks the “little boy” haircut! He is so precious. Also, imagining Jeff in a smocked longall is such a YOU thing to say and it cracked me up!!

  3. I love how you took Ross to, what looks to be, a real live official barber shop. Did it have one of those spinny candycane things in the front? Ross has a billion things going on in his head and he is just so brave! I can’t believe you get your parents for a whole week, mine don’t want to hang with us for more than an hour.

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