Sunday food prep: oatmeal, meatballs, choc protein bars

I’m back at work full time now and I really wanted a way to actually eat healthy on a daily basis. I also wanted to not have to grill a chicken for every single meal! My gorgeous friend Jennifer said we should get together on Sundays and prep our food for the week! And I was super excited!

So on Sunday I brought my ingredients to Jenn’s house in a laundry basket and we got to cooking.

We decided we were going to start trying eat clean recipes off of the He and She Eat Clean site. They don’t have many ingredients and are all nicely laid out for you so we picked what we wanted and started.

I decided to make their Apple-Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats oatmeal, their Jamie Eason’s Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, and their Jamie Eason’s Chocolate Protein Bars.


Ok the oatmeal is amazing!! I’m not a huge oatmeal fan unless it’s really really good, and this oatmeal is delicious!! It’s crazy easy, it goes in a crock pot!! and cooks into yummyness overnight.

My first morning to eat it I barely scooped any into my bowl for my drive to work bc I was nervous I wouldn’t like it. Then I totally could have kicked myself bc it was crazy good and I definitely didn’t get enough. Haven’t made that mistake since!


The meatballs… Well. I have two trains of thought on these:

Pros: they are easy to make, they don’t take that long, they are quick to reheat, they are like power bites of protein that leave you satisfied

Cons: they really don’t taste allllll that great to me. In fact, without fail I dip them in ketchup or BBQ sauce (that I didn’t make myself and guaranteed aren’t “clean” but I don’t care). I made mine with turkey and Jenn made hers with chicken. She seems to like hers more than me so I might try them like that.

I pop 2 of them in the microwave when I get home from work and they really do hold me over until supper.


I am a huge fan of these protein bars!! They really are like mini pieces of cake (and would be super super delish with icing ;) and totally satisfy! I will 100% make these again. I even had other people try them that either don’t like chocolate or don’t like protein bars and both were pleasantly surprised!

Jenn made a different kind that I haven’t tried yet so I can’t review it.

I’m still doing good with my mason jar salads thanks to Mere’s inspirational post and love them sooooo much! It’s really so helpful to have meals already prepared!

I hope this was helpful! Jenn and I are going to try new recipes from the same site next Sunday so I’ll let you know :)


7 responses to “Sunday food prep: oatmeal, meatballs, choc protein bars

  1. You have so much self-control! It is so great that you’re doing this. I’m not “eating clean”, but all these posts have definitely made me think more about what I eat, which is so so so good.

    • Oh man. You are so sweet Cassie but I’m not doing that great with self control. Haha… But! At least the majority of my meals are pretty “clean”. Baby steps. Haha… -A

  2. I am really craving that protein brownie thing…you are awesome Amanda. One of these days, whe. I get enough will power, I’m going to eat clean….and you are going to be my mentor.

  3. I can vouch for those protein brownies. They are pretty good!! But maybe we should just call them protein bars because when you use the word brownie…you’re sure to be let down. -M

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