Cute Videos

It was below 70 degrees for majority of the day today, so blogging was not my priority. Being outside was. It was glorious and made me wish for fall even more!!! I’m hoping to get out there for a little longer before cooking dinner and getting Rose to bed, so I’ll leave you with some adorable videos I’ve taken recently.

Here is Rose blowing spit bubbles. She’s really been discovering lots of noises lately, and this is one of her favorites. Her head is not as huge as it looks in the video, but it is big.

And here she is at dinner time several nights ago. I was shaking my head back and forth…apparently that is hilarious.

She’s been doing this every time we’re in the car, so I had to sneak back there and get it on video. She was just about to fall asleep, and my phone was just about to go dead…that’s why it’s only 8 seconds long.


5 responses to “Cute Videos

  1. Cassie!! I’m in the best mood right now from watching these videos!! She is truly amazing!! Getting a serious case of baby fever!!

  2. I just want you guys to move in with us so we can go on walks together and you can teach me how to dress cool and act like a lady and I can watch Rose grow up more closely.

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