Johnson Update

To Jeff, this week has flown by. To me, it hasn’t. Jeff took Ross to the zoo and I went to the farmers market alone. It was weird.

Jeff dressed Ross.


While I was trying to get Ross to poo poo on the potty, he tinkled all over my shirt.


This is me saying to Ross, “it’s ok…push the poo poo out”.


We started putting Ross on the potty when we saw him make the poo poo face. I wish I had a picture. We have since decided to hold off on rushing him to the potty, because now he hides or runs from me when it is time to go potty. After the picture above was taken, we thought he was done going potty. But Ross wasn’t finished. He hid in the shower and finished there.

We took Ross to the park and found a caterpillar. Ross wanted to squeeze it.



Ross thinks that the little indention in the wall of the elevator is a button. We taught him that so that he would stop pushing the alarm button. Now, every time he pushes the pretend button, we have to jump up and make a silly sound so that he thinks that the button is actually doing something. This logic is special.


Jeff had to go to Houston this week so Ross and I splurged and went to Arby’s. It was grand.


Ross keeps falling asleep in the car and then doesn’t want to take a good nap when we get home. Does anyone have any remedies. An apple used to work…he would gnaw on it all the way home. Now he just throws it to the side. Also, sometimes when he falls asleep, he stays asleep and then misses lunch!




Xoxo, L.


3 responses to “Johnson Update

  1. Hahahaha…

    These blueberry pics y’all are posting are so cute!!

    Eli used to do the same thing. Even if he fell asleep for .2 seconds in the car he wouldn’t take a nap at home. I vividly remember yelling at him, reaching back to scratch his leg, and rolling his window down or turning the music up to keep him awake. None of them worked.

  2. We put Collin on the potty this week too! It didn’t work out very well for us either ;) I think it freaked him out. Also, I’m sad the Famers Market was weird; I just knew it would be super cool there! Miss y’all!

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