Neath That Old Georgia Pine.

You’ve all heard it- the Diamond Rio country song that gets stuck in your head for hours. ‘Neath that old Georgia Pine’ never really resonated with me until now. We just got back from a mini vacation to Georgia to see/meet a lot of Tyler’s extended family. Georgia is a beautiful place with some great people. There were pine trees as far as I could see, mountains at every turn, a lot of good food, great 75 degree weather, and a lot of relaxing to be had.

This was Sinclair’s first flight. She did great!! I was worried about every possible thing you could worry about but she did pretty good. She cried during the landing because it hurt her ears a little but that was really the only time! She slept most of both flights. We did experience a disaster on the flight home, though. The plane was delayed (with us in it) for 2.5 hours because of the storms in Dallas. Then, at 11pm, the flight was finally cancelled. Uh, excuse me? Neither of us had ever had this happen and we were freaking out for second. We ended up renting a car to get us down the road to a hotel. I was worried about how Sinclair would do in a strange place and a strange bed. She slept a good 7 hours straight (probably because she was so tired from our long day)!!! She was a major trooper. All in all, we survived. We survived and made some great memories with some great Georgia folk.

What a doll. She was a great traveler!!

left to right: Sinclair with her great Nana, Sinclair and her pawpaw Tracy, Sinclair and her great Uncle Terry, and Sinclair with her second cousins, Mackenzie and Riley.

left to right: Sinclair with her great great Aunt Evelyn, Sinclair with her second cousin Natalie, Sinclair with her great Uncle Terry.

This was the awesome Christmas tree farm that the Tracys spend some of their time. It was beautiful!

Lake Winnie was a cute little amusement park. We had a blast! Sinclair was a bit worn out :)

One day, we all went up the incline to Lookout Mountain. It was insanely steep and had some breathtaking views. Sinclair loved looking around!

Four generations of Tracys.

Such a trooper!! These were all pics from the cancelled flight day. She is such a blast!

6 responses to “Neath That Old Georgia Pine.

  1. OOOoooo I want to kiss her little cheeks! Her smile is just as infectious as yours Merrie! But don’t worry, I won’t kiss your cheeks. And what a sweet girl jet setting around the country and all. Super awesome. We try to give Dex water on take-offs and landings to help combat cabin pressure-itis. But I think most babies are better than adults on flights even with a speed bump of fussiness!

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