Spiritual Gifts Inventory

After hearing one of our pastors talk about spiritual gifts a month or so ago, I started thinking about my own. I haven’t taken a spiritual gifts inventory in a really long time.

Then I went to Levelland and was visiting friends and my former youth pastor Runks said he bets one of my spiritual gifts was in mercy and I should take a test.

So within a relatively short time this spiritual giftedness had popped up a couple times so I decided to finally take one online.

Here are my results:


A couple of those I am marked higher on I am definitely questioning but most of my high ones are really true! And our pastor said that a guy he knows started really trying to learn more about his gifts and see how he could use then even better, so that’s my next step. Learn more about my gifts, pray that God would show me ways to use them more, and really try to get to know God more in the process… since all of these gifts are part of Christ.

I took this test. You should try it out! It was very hard to answer the questions how I actually am and not just how I wanted to be. But I really took my time and marked them as honestly as possible.

So go take it, or something like it, and let me know what you think!



3 responses to “Spiritual Gifts Inventory

  1. Spot on. There should be gifts called ‘eternal optimist’ and ‘super great friend’. You would have been off the charts for both of those.

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