Accidents Happen?

In the last 3 short years, a lot of accidents have happened around here, resulting in a lot of boo-boos. As a nurse, I know kids can get hurt easily and they are very resilient. Even still, I can’t help feeling like a failure when one of my kids gets hurt. I can always think of how I could have protected them from the pain and what I should have done differently afterwards. As time goes on and the accident list gets longer and longer, I begin to wonder if this is a normal or an excessive amount of boo-boos?

It all started when West rolled (for the first time ever) off a high-ish surface onto a paved parking lot. He was 4 months old. When I picked him up off the ground, his nose was scraped and bleeding and his mouth was full of pebbles.  4 months old, people!

At 7 moths old, West face-planted into an unfinished plywood floor when he leaned forward too fast.  He had another huge scrape on his head and cheek and a big bruise.

Around age 1, West’s body was covered in hives for about a week due to a milk protein allergy that we discovered the hard way. (Charlie has the same allergy but got to skip the hives part thanks to her big bro!)

It’s hard having hives.

At 14 months, West started walking, He soon found the stairs, despite 2 baby gates protecting them.  Since then, he has tumbled down said stairs countless times.  The last time resulted in his first broken bone.

Buckle fracture of the distal radius on 7/3/12.

West got his cast removed on August 6th.  The orthopedist told us to only let him do 50% of his normal activity so that his wrist could finish healing. That hasn’t been going so well.

West thinks it’s is so fun to climb up the top of this slide, despite a recently broken bone. He sees the big kids do this and is determined to try it every time we go to the park.

While we are looking at this park, I should probably mention that West has fallen off of the highest blue platform down onto the wood chips. Miraculously, he walked away without a scratch.

Only days after they took his cast off, he fell off our 4 -foot high retaining wall and landed on the same limb.

Just a few months prior to the broken wrist, West literally dove off of our kitchen island and his eyebrow caught the fall.  (Did I mention we have concrete floors?)  This injury was by far, the scariest of all and I still praise God that he is ok every time I think of it.

Finding West on the island  in dangerous positions happens quite often.

15 minutes after falling. His eye was almost swollen shut.

At bedtime the same night. He had a shiner for two weeks.

The next day after West fell onto his eye, we went shopping.  Everyone was already staring at me like I was a child-beater and then to make matters even worse, West hit his lip on the shopping cart and tore his frenulum (the flappy skin that connects your upper lip to your gums.) If you have ever done this or seen this done, you know how much blood is involved.  Picture West with a black, swollen-shut eye screaming in the middle of Target while blood was spewing out of his mouth.  Needless to say, I didn’t get any pictures of that.

Poor Charlie girl has had her fair share of boo-boos too.  As soon as she came home from the hospital, West started, um, teaching her how to be tough.  This included/includes: sitting on her, riding her like a horse, biting her finger (my own fault–I let him watch Charlie Bit My Finger,) pushing her down, taking her pacifier and toys and bottle and snacks, and giving her violent hugs.

Violent hug.

Charlie has also been a very curious and fearless child so far. She has been climbing since she learned to crawl. Her climbing includes, but is not limited to, the stairs, the couches, rocking chairs, tall toys, playground equipment, and beds.  She too has fallen down a few of our stairs a couple times. (Side note: NEVER buy a two-story house.)

Just before turning one, Charlie was trying to climb on the couch and she fell and bit her lip..inside and out. If she had bitten approximately 1 mm deeper, her teeth would have gone through her lip completely.  She bled BADLY and had a horrible wound inside her mouth but it healed quickly!  She has a faint tooth-shaped scar on her chin now.

Taken right after I found her upstairs when I had left her downstairs minutes before.

Charlie’s worst accident happened about a month ago, and is still hard for me to talk about.  I was at work when Ben texted me this picture.:

That is a burn on my beautiful little girl’s flawless face.  Her daddy cooked her favorite meal that night–scrambled eggs. He went to serve them to her and the little one-egg pan was too close to her face. It was such a freak accident but so upsetting to see my little girl’s face like this.

We rushed to see Dr. Terry  the next morning. Thankfully, Charlie wasn’t in any pain and we didn’t need to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon!

We kept the burn covered and coated with antibiotic ointment until it healed…about one week later!!

She was still beautiful!

All that’s left is a small red patch on her cheek. We keep it protected from the sun and apply Bio-Oil three times daily. Hoping she won’t have a scar at all!

I really pray that I will not have any more accidents to report for a loooooooong time. Now, I hesitated to write this blog because I honestly think someone might call CPS on us after seeing all of these injuries! But, I decided I really need to know:  Are we freaks that let our kids get hurt too much or does anyone else in the world have this many accidents???  PLEASE respond and tell me that I am not alone!!

My hope is that we are just getting all the injuries out of the way while the kids are young, and it will be smooth sailing from here!



7 responses to “Accidents Happen?

  1. Hannah… Well, not that you need confirmation from me considering I call you every time a freak accident happens to my kid, but I’ll give you the top 3:
    1. Judah rolled off of our bed and hit his head twice on the way to our hard floors when he was 3 months old and we had to call 911. Horrific.
    2. Eli started breaking out in crazy hives (Mere witnesses the 1st outbreak) and we still to this day have no idea what causes them
    3. Eli for stung by a bee while in our backyard

    There are many many many many more but lets just start with those ;)

    I love you so much and you are an incredible mom. Beyond incredible. And as far as I know (ahem) you weren’t judging me on the countless calls to you! Haha… I totally know how it feels to have the sunken pit feeling in your stomach. That ride in the ambulance with Judah probably solidified that for life… But our kids ultimately belong to God and He protects them and loves them more than we will ever know! Thank you for posting this even though it was hard!

  2. Remember in that book Wild at Heart, how it talks about the importance of moms letting their little boys have adventures, and that means that he’ll get hurt sometimes, but you’re letting him learn and explore…that’s what he’ll remember. He won’t remember. He won’t remember getting bruised and bloody. Neither will Charlie. She looks beautiful even with a burned cheek.

  3. That last comment was from me. I forgot to sign. Also, right when I finished it, Rose fell and hit her head on the bathroom floor. See?? You’re not freaks! It happens.

  4. Han…I have really awesome parent and had lots and lots of accidents growing up…getting run over by the tractor was the biggest. You and Ben are such awesome parents and because of you, I let Ross climb on the step ladder to look out the window and see all the homeless people and birds.

  5. hahahaha. Oh man. It’s not funny. God made West a wee bit fearless…you can’t stifle that!!!! He’ll probably grow up someday and have his own reality tv show where he gets dropped off into some remote deserted forest and has to survive on bugs for food and a fire he makes out of twigs and dirt. He’ll make y’all millions. You are a fab Mom.

  6. Charlie is a supermodel and sweet-spirited just like her mom and West is adventurous and a dreamer just like his dad. I don’t see anything wrong with your parenting style and as I consider myself a pro this means a lot. ;) Seriously though, please don’t send me a bill for all the times I’ve contacted you about how to raise kids the right way.

  7. Hanny! You and Ben are amazing parents that love your children with all your heart. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone! Remember what happened to me at Auntie Debbies??? That day still haunts me and I’ve never told anybody about it (except you), but it was a complete accident and in the end everyone was OK. We learn, we grow, and we must move forward. Don’t be so hard on yourself my friend.

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