Free at Last!

Image“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!” (anybody know what movie that’s from?) That’s what I thought would be going through my head yesterday as I finished packing up the last of my classroom and turning in my keys, but it wasn’t. It was much sadder (or more sad?…which is correct?) than I expected. I didn’t cry, which is surprising since crying seems to happen pretty easily these days, but I did feel unexpectedly solemn. Other than the office staff, the building was empty and dark. It felt so weird to walk down the hall without any lights on, in silence, knowing that it would be my last time to walk down that hallway. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was blessed to work with such great people, and I’ll mention it again…the staff at Ortiz Elementary is amazing. They are a family. I am SO GLAD and SO THANKFUL for the opportunity to stay home with Rose and be her mom full time, and I know with all of my heart that it will be worth every single sacrifice we have made/will make, but I will definitely miss my friends at work. I still don’t feel like the reality of not working has sunken in yet, but it’s starting to.


I do get so giddy thinking about all of the fun things I hope to do with Rose this fall though! A new adventure awaits!



4 responses to “Free at Last!

  1. Cassie…I’m so glad that you get to stay at home with sweet Rose. I can’t wait for you to blog about all the things that y’all are going to do! I am desperate for ideas!!!

  2. I’m so happy for you!!! You guys have a lot going on in your lives these days…..and I’m sure that will keep your mind off of missing some of those kids at school!

  3. Staying at home!! That is soooo awesome!! Cassie you are going to have so much fun with Rose! Everything is for a season and what a super cool opportunity for you! I’ve heard that staying at home can be tough sometimes so be sure you find ways to take care of yourself!! So excited for you, and maybe a tad bit jealous ;) -A

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