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I really don’t have anything to write about today. I’m not doing anything cool like making a soctopus, making mason jar salads, or painting my door red.

We live in a really cool apartment/penthouse. I call it a penthouse. The A/C runs constantly. Even if it’s not blowing out cold air, it’s on. And it’s loud. It’s annoying.

The other annoying thing is that this weekend there was a music festival right down the street. I don’t know if it is because I am getting old or maybe I was born old, but I like to go to bed early. All I heard all night was, “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.” (think “hotel everybody even the mayor, look up in the sky see the hozone layer” or “hey shorty”). I chose those two songs to describe the music because they are the only two songs in that genre that I could think of. I’m sure I butchered the lyrics and I’m sorry. I asked Jeff if I could call the police because of noise violation. He said no. Being my submissive self, I submitted.

We get one little tiny parking spot in the parking garage that I can hardly get in and out of, and the other day, someone stole my spot…that was annoying. And I should have called the police. I was feeling gracious and called the towing company instead.

The following is a list of things I like about the penthouse:

-the bidet
-the convection oven
-the refrigerator
-the Crate and Barrel dishes
-washing machine and dryer
-it’s right by the baseball field where the Rockies play
-I feel cool telling people from Denver that I live here

The best thing about the penthouse is that it is only one short mile to Jeff’s office so Ross and I can walk there whenever we want. We haven’t done this yet but plan on doing it today.

Jeff’s work only pays for us to live here for two months and after that, they kick us out and we are homeless.

But don’t worry, we have been looking for other places to live.

This is a picture of my favorite hand soap. When Ross was first born we had this soap at our house in Houston. The smell of it takes me back to his first days/weeks and our tiny purple bathroom and me washing that durned nipple shield a million times a day. I didn’t paint it purple…it was a rent house.


This is a picture looking out our balcony to the baseball field.




Xoxo, L.


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