The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Dear Fellow Hatched Authors,

Sorry I am posting the wrong thing, days late. This week of moving has been cray cray to say say the least. Please forgive and forget.


Ok, so I did manage to snap a few pics this past week and a half in the midst of all the craziness.

I already mentioned that Sinclair wakes up a few times throughout the night. And, every once in a while, she decides that when she wakes up to eat at, say 4 am…….she’s ready to start the day.  Instead of falling back to sleep, she starts spitting and talking and smiling. It’s adorable and not adorable at the same time.

Sinclair has developed some serious thunder thighs. I love them and squeeze them a lot.

We had dinner at my aunt Carla’s house one night and Sinclair had a great time. She particularly enjoyed sticking her wet hand in her daddy’s mouth. How sweet….

Sinclair’s great Grandma, Glennie, came to visit her all the way from Nebraska! They had a great time talking and playing!!

The cousins and great Grandma came over to the new pad one day to play. Sinclair slept most of the time while West and Charlie explored the back yard. Cutest cousins ever.

West was kind enough to break in the new deck by peeing on it for us. What a rugged manboy he is!! hahahahah

We travel to Georgia this weekend. It will be our first time to fly with baby so please pray for us at least 12 times.



6 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. 1. I’m obsessed with her thighs
    2. I’m obsessed with her outfits
    3. Way to go moving…I can’t wait to see it!
    4. Sinclair is really photogenic
    5. When I first saw the picture of West breaking in the deck, I thought he was wearing roller blades

  2. #1 and #2 are referring to Sinclair. I would probably be obsessed with your outfit and thighs also.

  3. Hahahaha I love that West pees outside frequently. Hahaha and y’all will do so great on the flight!! Sinclair is the sweetest most cuddly baby ever so even if she cries and people give you dirty looks, once they see her sweet gave then they will feel terrible. But I bet she won’t cry. At all. She’ll sleep! The whole time. Right? -A

  4. Good luck flying tomorrow! Sinclair will be perfect, as usual. I think she might be a successful public speaker one day because she is so vocal and she grasps everyones attention.

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