17 months

My little baby boy turned 17 months old this week. How did this happen?! He is such a doll boy, even though at times I complain about his naughty self.

17 month old facts about Ross:

1. He has six teeth.

I really hope that he’s teething right now because he has been very grumpy and I would like to think that it’s teething pains not personality.

2. He loves balls and rocks and sticks and throwing them all.

3. He loves playing chase and boo and LOVES to growl and be growled at.

4. He loves blowing on bellies, legs, arms or any other semi flat surface on the human body…which in turn makes a tooting sound. Jeff and I will laugh at the sound and Ross stays serious.

5. He wakes up every morning yelling mama at the top of his lungs. If I’m not there in 15 seconds or less, he starts yelling for his daddy.

6. Still gives the sweetest, most wet open mouthed kisses. I’m sure this is only sweet to me and Jeff.

7. He loves salsa, especially this recipe.

8. He started pretend talking on the phone which is the cutest thing ever.

9. He doesn’t really talk in public unless someone takes something away from him and then he tells them no.

10. Favorite foods are: apples, blueberries, frozen peas, cow milk, human milk, ground beef, macaroni and cheese, pizza, peanut butter, mum mums, and raisens.

Jeff and I decided to start weaning Ross from breast milk. I always thought that this would just happen naturally, but recently came to the conclusion that Ross would nurse forever if given the opportunity. I’m also kind of getting tired of it. It’s so easy now…nothing like the beginning of his life…but it’s just different. Not as enjoyable. I do love that he is still and calm and that I get to hold him like a little baby…but I’m also starting to get ready to quit. He has just become such a little stinker boy. So, on his 17 month old birthday, we dropped a feeding. He doesn’t nurse before nap time anymore, instead he gets a glass of cow milk. He has done well and today is the first day that he didn’t say, ” nu”, over and over while pointing to my chest when I was putting him down.

List of new words this month:
-pooper–Cousin Cooper
-he has a word for blueberries, but I don’t know how to type it
-no…don’t teach your child this word
-qwae qwae–cracker
– bi–bird

Pics from this week.

20120802-143624.jpgPlaying in a river

20120802-143809.jpgPlaying with new friends that kept calling him by the name of Oscar.

20120802-143914.jpgAttempting to brush his teeth with a dish scrubber.

5 responses to “17 months

  1. Cassie took the words right out of my keyboard. It’s amazing you’ve nursed him so long…and he is lucky to have a Mom that made that sacrifice for him for over 17 months!! Love him!!

  2. Landra you are just such the sweetest mommy in the world!! You are exactly what he needs and I love love LOVE reading your posts!! And that Ross loves salsa. haha…

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