Mama Style

One thing that has definitely changed since having a baby…well, since becoming pregnant,really, is the way I dress. I used to be pretty trendy. At least I think I did. Back in the good ole’ days, when my body wasn’t soft and my boobs didn’t need much support, I was pretty good at shopping, dressing and accessorizing.


Back when I was cool. Ryan actually looks a little cooler too.

The majority of my wardrobe came from a thrift store, but that was cool back then (it may still be cool…but I’m a little out of the loop). Ryan says that one of the things that attracted him to me was “my style”. Obviously, being “cute and trendy” was harder to do when I got a job as a teacher, but still, I managed. Then when I got pregnant, it was even harder, but even then I was able to pull myself together occasionally. Now that I’m a mom, it’s nearly impossible. Is it just me? Now, every time I open my closet door I stand there staring for at least five whole minutes before even laying my hands on a single thing in there. When I finally do figure out what I might want to wear, I have to ask myself two questions:

1. Will my boobs fit in this?

2. Can I get my boob out of this if Rose gets hungry?

In reference to question 1, I know those of you that have seen are thinking, “Are her boobs even big?”…and no, they aren’t. They are, however, at least twice the size they were before mommyhood. Nursing tanks have been a huge help though. They sort of act as a sports bra and smash my chest enough to make most of my pre-pregnancy shirts fit. They may look a little strange, but they fit. And question number two pretty much eliminates all of my dresses (with exception of a few stretchy-neck ones), and any shirt/skirt combo. that requires the shirt to be tucked in (unless, of course, the shirt is stretchy-necked).

Because of these body issues I’ve developed, I’ve had to reevaluate my style and rethink the way I see myself. I don’t want to be discouraged every time I look in the mirror. I may not be shaped the same, but I have a baby. My body made and housed a person for 40 weeks and 5 days. How could it look the same????? I’ve recently spent a lot of time on Pinterest admiring the pretty outfits like this, and searching trendy mom blogs like this and this for ideas of things I can wear and also be a mom in. What a great way to spend time, right?? Well, for me it is. We went to Dallas last weekend and did some shopping. Rose ended up getting way more than I did, no surprise there…but I did get several great things that make me feel confident. If Rose can grow up seeing her mom confident and feeling proud of who she is, then hopefully she will always be confident and proud of who SHE is. I tried SO HARD to get things that I can mix and match and wear in all sorts of situations. I think I did a good job. I even got a pair of jeans! I never buy jeans (unless they are on clearance and I don’t have to try them on…which hardly every happens). I came home feeling a little refreshed and even excited to get dressed. It was a nice feeling.


7 responses to “Mama Style

  1. Cassie..I think you are so stylish! Before Rose and after! I was laughing about the boob predicament. It’s crazy the things you must think about when nursing.

  2. You are the cutest Mom on earth. Plus, if you think you have no style, I don’t even want to know what you think about me;) Love your authenticity here. It’s crazy what happens to your body, boobs, and style when a little one comes. Praise God for the chance to trade it all in, though, for the joy of motherhood!!

  3. Cassie you seriously are so precious!! And undoubtedly one of the trendiest cutest moms I know!! I love that you are so honest about this! Makes me feel like I’m a little less crazy… Although I am still stuck in the sullen slacker teenager outfits of tshirts and jeans, I really do have aspirations of wanting to look beautiful and together like you do!

  4. Cassie. You are Stylish with a capital s. to make you feel better about yourself, I will start texting you pictures of what I wear everyday.

  5. I feel the same way unfortunately it’s not because I’ve had a baby (another year or two for that) but because I’m getting older and my body is just…well…changing. It’s hard to accept body changes but once you do that confidence you once had comes back! You’ve always had great beauty and style in my book and I’m sure you still do! Next time you’re in Dallas give me a call if you have time!

  6. Daniel and Lavanda have spent 12 years trying to dress me better. Poor things. You’re the most stylish person I know soooo I’m sorry that you have to be my friend.

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