The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

What a week.

Our little girl is 4 months old. She is starting to show the best little personality. We are so lucky to be her parents!!

Sinclair got her first set of shades. Pretty dang cute if you ask me. She likes them, too.

Sinclair’s grandma Tracy and PawPaw came in town to help us pack this weekend. While they were here, we went to eat at a super yummy pizza joint called ‘Eno’s’. We had a great time. Half way through our dinner, two little old ladies came up to our table to tell us how adorable ‘HE’ was. They went on and on about what a cute little BOY we had. Poor Sinclair. She gets that a lot….mainly when I don’t put a bow in her hair. These little ladies even called her ‘Bubba’. None of us had the heart to embarrass the ladies, so we just laughed. I don’t think she looks one bit like a boy:)

I mentioned above that we are moving. Moving sucks. Our entire house is boxed and it’s hard to walk around or get anywhere.

And, moving calls for beer. Well, fake beer at least.




4 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Hahaha moving does call for fake beer!! Sinclair doesn’t look like a boy at all!! Haha… Bubba. Moving cant last forever. You’re almost almost done!!

  2. She doesn’t look like a boy at all. And moving does suck. Good luck getting it all done!! Can’t wait to see the new place!

  3. That face in her 4 month picture is the CUTEST!!!! And Bubba? Seriously? I would have totally just waved it off like you though. Because who wants to make people feel bad for the rest of the day when you tell them that their gender guessing machine needs a tune up along with their eyes and manners.

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